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(Which is german and means a love for plants and botany in general)

Do you like plants as much as I do?

What is this homepage about? Is it a virtual garden? Is it a little german forest posted on the Internet? Is it a trip to a rainforest glasshouse at a botanical garden? All in one and a bit of everything. Do you need nature or garden images? If you enjoy nature & growth, plants & mushrooms, come along and take a walk around forests, fields, meadows and gardens. Explore with me different species, habitats and locations, change of seasons and marvel with me at colours & shapes of flora.

Up to 2008, all of the pictures were shot around my previous domicile, Ehingen at the river Danube, which is a little town on the Swabian Alb in the south of germany. Here we suffered from long, hard winters but one is amazed about the enormous number & variety of wild flowers & herbs you can find or rediscover in this area. Since 2008 the pictures have been taken in the north of Stuttgart in the forests along the river Rems and on the bountiful fields around Fellbach and Remseck.

Sections of garden and indoor plants will be built up step by step. Feel free to point out mistakes (but please try not to find too many ...) and tell me what you like and what you don't like, too. What do you miss and like to see? I'm looking forward to your helpful suggestions and of course to your guestbook entries! By the way, above you can see Ajuga reptans, bottom-up.
To the list of species already shot:
Alphabetical order with german names
Alphabetical order with scientific names
It's a pleasure and honour for me to be listed in the web-adress-book of Germany's 6.000 most important internet sites for 2009:

Please click on the pictures to enlarge. Get in contact with me if you want a photo in high resolution for print use. All contents, picts & text, except the sounds are subject to copyright. Every single photograph I've taken by myself. The flashcounter I got from WebmasterPro.

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